JUNE 26 - OLYMPIC gold medallist Audley Harrison (pictured) has today labelled British amateur boxing officials "a joke" for failing to turn to him for advice ahead of this Games in Beijing.


Harrison won super-heavyweight gold at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 but has been frustrated in his bid to win a world title in the professional ranks.


Great Britain will take a formidable eight-strong team to China compared to just one - Amir Khan - in Athens four years ago.


Harrison's triumphed eight years ago came despite a major falling-out with Great Britain head coach Terry Edwards, while he has also criticised officials in the past for failing to provide sufficient funding for amateurs.


However the 36-year-old, who will fight Belfast's Martin Rogan in Birmingham next month, is surprised that his Olympic pedigree has apparently been ignored.


Harrison said: "Everyone knows my problems with Terry Edwards.


"At the same time as I'm happy for the team, I'm surprised that with my experience, they don't reach out to me.


"Even with my problems with the BBC (with whom Harrison's television deal ended acrimoniously), I am surprised that even with my experience - and my commentating expertise - they would not reach out to me, whether speaking about it on TV or over there helping the kids out in terms of mental application.


"Because that is what the Olympics is about - a lot of these kids go to the Olympics, where it's a big experience with all these sports stars, and it blows their mind.


"I'm just surprised they wouldn't let bygones be bygones.


"I'm not chasing them at all."


Harrison, who is based in the United States, added: "I'm over here in America, in the gym here. These people have been tapping into me.


"If I was that way inclined, I could end up in the Colorado Institute with the American team.


"It's a joke really, because you're not tapping into all your resources in terms of trying to get medals.


"Terry Edwards thinks he knows it all.


"That's another issue for another day but I wish them all the best, 100 per cent, and I'm rooting for every one of them."