altJune 15 - Boxing has rejected a proposal by London 2012 organisers to move the sport to Wembley Arena claiming it could see competitors having to endure journey times of up to three hours.


It is understood the AIBA, the international amateur boxing association, have written to London 2012 saying the proposal is "unacceptable".

Organisers, who insist talks are continuing, want to move boxing out of the ExCel centre in East London to make room for badminton and rhythmic gymnastics.


That would enable the organisers to save up to £40 million by not having to build a temporary venue called North Greenwich Arena 2 to house those events.

But the AIBA sent three officials to test travel times between the Olympic Village to Wembley in the west, and they found it took between one and three hours.

London 2012 organisers had assured them the journey would take 35 to 45 minutes, but after conducting their own tests the AIBA want the venue to remain at the ExCel centre.

The issue is the one outstanding problem surrounding where all the sports will be staged, and it has now become a major sticking point between boxing and London 2012.

There will be almost 300 boxers at the Games and accompanying officials and the AIBA fears transporting them across London could be a logistical nightmare.

British boxing officials are also opposed to the move believing that the long travel time could negate any home advantage for their fighters.

Talks are continuing however, with the possibility being investigated of using hotels close to Wembley for accommodation, or whether weigh-ins could be held at hotels.

A London 2012 spokeswoman said: "We are in discussion with AIBA and have been having discussions for a couple of months and those are continuing."

Officials also claim that during the Games there will be an Olympic route network, with special lanes and the possibility of altering traffic light systems and parking restrictions in order to reduce journey times.

The International Olympic Committee want agreement from AIBA before they will endorse any changes.