Zhong Chen_of_China_blue_fights_Sarah_Stevenson_of_Great_Britain_red_13-06-12August 24 - Taekwondo said today it plans to adopt an electronic protector system and video replays following the controversy yesterday at the Beijing Olympics involving Britain's Sarah Stevenson. 

Officials had to reverse the result of Stevenson's (pictured above, right) quaterfinal match against China's two-time Olympic champion Chen Zhong (pictured above, left), who had never lost a bout in the Games, after the judges missed a clear hit to the head worth two points when she was 1-0 down.

Stevenson was reinstated after offcials studied video evidence and interviewed the judges and referees.

The Doncaster woman then went on to win a bronze medal.

The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) announced today that it will set up an ad-hoc committee to deal with the procedural and technical aspects regarding the use of electronic protectors, which are expected to ensure fairer judging and refereeing.

Prior to the London Olympics, the federation said it plans to introduce the envisioned system at the next World Championships scheduled for October 2009 in Copenhagen, on the eve of the International Olympic Committee Session voting which sports will be included on the programme for the 2016 Games.

The WTF also plans to actively seek the formal introduction of a video replay system at competitions, which will enable immediate correction of the referee decision in case of controversies like Stevenson's.