AUGUST 5 - General Electric, one of the Olympics biggest sponsors, said today that it expects to receive more industrial equipment orders for the 2012 London Games than it did for Beijing.


It comes a day after insidethegames reported that General Electric have no plans to sell off NBC Universal, the American broadcasters for the 2012 Olympics, despite the call of some investors.


That is because NBC broadcasting the Games is being credited with helping General Electric, a TOP sponsor of the International Olympic Committee, double its China annual revenue to $10 billion  (£5.07 billion) by 2010.


And General Electric is hoping for a similar Olympic benefit from London over the next four years.


General Electric's international chief executive Ferdinando Beccalli-Falco said: "We are to going to sell much more than $700 million for the London Olympics."


General Electric said it expects roughly $100 billion (£500 million), to be spent annually until 2012 on infrastructure and other improvements around London.


GE has generated $1.7 billion (£863 million) of total revenues from Olympics-related business, including $700 (£355 million) from divisions not related to NBC.