altJune 9 - Canadian triathlete Simon Whitfield (pictured) has vowed to win a third Olympic medal in four Games at London 2012 despite losing his coach Joel Filliol to Britain.

Whitfield, the 2000 Olympic gold in Sydney and 2008 silver medallist in Beijing, has claimed that he is not angry that Fillol was poached by Britain to become the country's new head coach and oversee preparations for the London Games.

He said: "What a job he did [here].

"He's really happy over there [Britain].

"For us, it opened an opportunity to introduce somebody new."

Fillol has been replaced by Philippe Bertrand, who as an assistant coach on the 2008 Olympic team.

Whitfield said: "Philippe is a great coach.

"He has great ideas.

"He's got incredible passion."

Bertrand believes that Whitfield can challenge for a medal in London despite the fact he will be 37 by then.

He said: "I've seen him doing workouts and he's really fast.

"If everything stays aligned, why not?"

Whitfield, who besides his Olympic achievements has also won the 2002 Commonwealth Games and 11 World Cup races, shares Bertrand's confidence.

He said: "It's moving quickly.

"To really maximise every week of training right through to London is the key.

"I used to joke in Sydney I would try to make it to Beijing and just finish the race.

"Now I just don't want to make the team in London, I want to take a crack at a medal again."

Whitfield predicted that the course around Hyde Park in London in 2012 will suit runners, the last of the three disciplines that make up the triathlon.

He said:" In London, it will be a fast runners course.

"That will change the dynamics of how the race will unfold there."