altSEPTEMBER 15 - KIP KEINO, the two-time Olympic gold medallist, said today he hopes that Kenya's new deal with Bristol will help them make progress in sports other than running in the build-up to the 2012 London Games.

Keino, who is now the president of the Kenyan Olympic Committee (KOC), said at the launch today, also attended by world triple jump record holder Jonathan Edwards, wants to forge new links with Bristol Rugby Club and Gloucestershire Cricket Club, as part of the new arrangement.

He said: "We want to diversify into other activities.

"We are not very strong in the other sports.

"We are good at track and field but we want to learn the other sports.

"We want to see how we can improve.

"We can do this by talking to local coaches.

"We are preparing for a major event but we are also learning at the same time.

"[Long distance running] is only one event."

Since winning its first Olympic medal - when Wilson Kiprugut claimed a bronze at the 1964 in the 800 metres in Tokyo - Kenya has won a total of 75 medals, 68 of which have come in athletics [the other seven are all in boxing].

Keino is encouraged by the success of David Lemi, who was Bristol's top scorer in the rugby Guiness Premiership after being brought to the club having impressed in the Kenyan Sevens tournament.

Keino, the 1968 Olympic 1500m and 1972 3,000m steeplechase gold medallist, said: "We want to go into other sports.

"We want to see if we can improve in rowing, football, swimming, hockey, volleyball and also rugby and cricket.

"So many things can be developed.

"This is a long-term plan.

"We can work together, see what is possible."

Kenya had its most successful-ever Olympics in Beijing, winning 14 medals, including five gold.

Bristol will soon start welcoming the Kenyan Olympic officials as they start planning for 2012, but it has yet to be decided which venues will be used for training ahead of the London Games.

Bob Reeves, the director of sport at the University of Bristol, is in charge of Bristol Kenya 2012, the group set up to co-ordinate the partnership.

He said: "It depends on the facilities and the timing.

"We are also involved with Filton College and University of the West of England.

"Over the next few months we are going to be looking at the particular needs of the different sports.

"We are not just coming here for the training camps, but we will be linking with Bristol Rugby and Gloucestershire Cricket Club in terms of their capacity to help one another.

"Maybe Bristol can look into recruiting a Kenya player or two.

"But I am sure [Bristol coach] Richard Hill and his colleagues might get involved in coach development with the Kenyans and that will happen in other sports."