JULY 9 - DWAIN CHAMBERS (pictured) will discover next Wednesday if his bid to compete in the Beijing Olympics has been successful.


Chambers, 30, has appealed against the British Olympic Association's (BOA) ban on him competing in any future Games following his two-year suspension for taking the designer steroid tetrahydrogestrinone (THG).


Now the High Court has ruled that, although a full hearing will not take place until March, it will hear an injunction from Chambers' lawyers next week.


If successful he would be allowed to compete in Beijing provided he comes through this weekend's Olympic trials.


Chambers must come first or second in the 100 metres trials in Birmingham to be eligible to be chosen for the British team.


He said: "I am confident about what I am capable of doing and the rest is up to the decision of the court - and I will abide by that decision."


Jonathan Crystal, a specialist sports barrister, will try to convince the judge that the BOA regulation is unfair and an unreasonable restraint on his client's livelihood.


Referring to the athletics meeting, he told the High Court judge: "There is a trial this weekend which may become a material factor."


Mr Justice Mackay replied: "He will pass that with flying colours. If he doesn't, the case becomes academic."