JULY 9 - STOKE'S Ashlee Nelson (pictured) tonight won Britain's first medal of the World Junior Athletics Championships when she finished second in the 100 metres in Bydgoszcz.


The 17-year-old Nelson, the son of a former professional footballer Steve, who played for Stoke City and Telford United, confirmed that she has the potential to be a major sprinting force by the time of the London Olympics when she ran a blistering 100m final, crossing the line in second place with 11.49, being narrowly beaten by Jeneda Tarmoh from the United States.


In the corresponding event two years ago her brother, Alex, had won a bronze medal in the 200m.


Nelson said: "Wow!


"Last year the Brazilian girl beat me, but I put in a year of damn hard training and just look what's happened, it's just so good. I've set the standard now so these guys better get on the track and get some medals.


"Bring on the relay.


"When I saw the American girl on my left I panicked slightly but something's that happens, I'll take that on board, learn from it for next year and see what happens there.


"Rankings don't mean anything, absolutely nothing.


"When you get onto the track anything can happen.


"The American guy got disqualified yesterday in the semi, things like that just make you think 'I don't care, I'll just sit in these block till everyone else is out because I didn't come all this way to get disqualified'.


"I had a few niggles at the beginning of the week but UKA have been brilliant looking after me, all the physio's out here.


"It's just amazing when you've got team managers who are doing everything they can to make sure everyone on the team performs to their best."