By Tom Degun at ExCeL in London

Jade Jones_versus_Yuzhuo_Hou_11_AugustAugust 12 - World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) President Dr Chungwon Choue has hailed the success of the London 2012 taekwondo and heaped particular praise on the new scoring system that made its debut at these Olympics.

For the first time ever at the Games, the Protector Scoring System (PSS, pictured top) appeared in competition and it features electronic body protectors that register kicks and punches if they land with sufficient force.

The system had been designed to eliminate problems that occurred in the sport at Beijing 2008, such as when the result of one particular bout was overturned for the first time in Olympic taekwondo history.

"We had some problems in Beijing, that is for sure," the WTF President told insidethegames here at the Olympic taekwondo venue.

"But London 2012 has been absolutely fantastic, with no controversial issues due to the new PSS.

"The referees and judges are only human and they can make mistakes but the PSS system, which uses sensors and television screens, has made sure there is no controversy and it has shown we are fully transparent.

Dr Chungwon_Choue_1_11_AugustDr Chungwon Choue has hailed London 2012 as a "great advertisement for taekwondo"

"It has also made it easier for the crowd to understand and I have been delighted with the support they have given throughout the tournament.

"They have supported every athlete and all the seats have been full each day.

"This has been a competition that will really help taekwondo grow in the country and this region, so there will be a great legacy that London 2012 has given taekwondo and a great legacy that taekwondo has given to London.

"It is a great advertisement for taekwondo."

Choue added that the sport is now a truly global discipline which is illustrated by the fact that some nations have won a taekwondo gold medal for the first time in their history, including Britain's Jade Jones who beat China's world champion Yuzhuo Hou to win the women's -57kg final.

Jade Jones_11_AugustJade Jones celebrates her gold medal for Britain in the -57kg class

"There is no dominant force in the sport anymore and we can see that with so many different countries winning medals at these Olympics," he said.

"It is fantastic to see that because taekwondo is a sport that possesses the values of the Olympic Movement and is an excellent way for young people to keep fit.

"I know there were many young people that watched taekwondo for the time at these Olympics and I hope many of them take up the sport because it is a great sport that promotes friendship, respect and self-defence, which are all very important."

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