By Tom Degun at the Spencer House in London

Sunny Hwang__Timo_Lumme_at_Samsung_Media_Art_CollectionJuly 20 - Worldwide Olympic Partner Samsung Electronics have unveiled a special collection of contemporary video art to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) here with just a week to go to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The collection is tilted Blue Crystal Ball: Samsung Olympic Games Media Art Collection and it is the latest in a series of initiatives from Samsung designed to encourage as many people as possible around the world to take part in the London 2012 celebrations.

It is also an official programme of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad with the new media art exhibition offering an exclusive collection of work inspired by the spirit of the Olympic Games and the ideals that it represents.

"As part of Samsung's commitment to making London 2012 an Olympic Games for everyone, we are aiming to ensure that we enrich the Olympic experience to more people than ever before," said the vice president and head of global sports marketing at Samsung Electronics Sunny Hwang.

"Samsung has created a range of digital campaigns to enable everyone to take part in the Olympics, and the Media Art Collection is our latest initiative that provides a new opportunity to experience London 2012.

"The Olympic Games goes beyond sports – it is a cultural celebration that brings together different communities from around the world to embrace the Olympic spirit.

"Through the Media Art Collection, we hope to spread the Olympic spirit further and wider for many years to come."

Intellectual Marathon_in_RMB_City_by_Cao_Fei_of_ChinaIntellectual Marathon in RMB City by Cao Fei of China

The collection features innovative artists from around the world such as Kota Ezawa, who recreates animated sequences from television, cinema, and art history using basic digital drawing and animation software.

It also included high profile artist Kimsooja, who combines performance, video and installation addressing issues of the displaced self and others.

The exhibition is set to become one of the highlights of the UK's cultural Olympiad throughout the summer with the artworks to be displayed for public viewing at the De La Warr Pavilion Marina in Sussex and the A.N.D Festival in Manchester in August and September during the Olympics and Paralympics.

"The IOC is delighted to accept this astonishing collection," said the IOC managing director of television and marketing services Timo Lumme.

"Samsung is a committed partner and we are very keen for this artistic event to become a must-see for 2012."

To ensure the Samsung "Everyone's Olympic Games" campaign initiative continues to deliver its promise after the Games, Samsung has also commissioned a selection of world-renowned artists to create innovative, high impact video artworks that embody the Olympic spirit.

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