By David Gold

Nanjing stadiumJanuary 3 - Nanjing is conducting a programme to dispose of kitchen waste in an environmentally friendly way as part its preparations for the 2014 Youth Summer Olympic Games.

Nanjing is hosting the sporting extravaganza in less than three years' time and part of the build up will involve making the city more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

By 2014, they are intending to reduce the amount of waste put into sanitary landfills by half, and use the rest to provide biofuels.

Rather than putting it into landfills, a small biochemical processing facility has been built to process kitchen waste, and this can then be used as fertiliser, fuel or energy, processing 50 tonnes of waste per day.

Up to 3,500 athletes will come to Nanjing in 2014 to participate in 28 sports between August 16 and 28.

The first ever Youth Olympic Games were held in Singapore in 2010, whilst the first ever Winter Youth Olympics will be in Innsbruck, Austria next month.

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