By Tom Degun

boris_johnson_22-09-11September 23 - The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has called on the capital's small and medium sized firms to take full advantage of the latest wireless technology from BT to ensure the smooth running of their businesses during the London 2012 Games.

The Mayor revealed plans from BT - the official communications services partner of the London 2012 - to ramp up its number of WiFi hotspots in the capital to around 500,000 in time for the start 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

Johnson urged small businesses to act now and explore how the capital's expanding WiFi network could provide them with a low or no-cost way of working remotely

"It is absolutely vital that London's small and medium sized businesses, the backbone of the capital's economy, are fully prepared and ready to take advantage of every opportunity hosting the greatest show on earth brings," said the Mayor of London.

"Having the latest transport information at their fingertips is a huge part of this as is boosting the capital's WiFi network allowing their employees to work virtually anywhere, stay in touch with clients and get the most up to date travel information.

"The 2012 Games will be the first truly digital Games and will mark a milestone towards my aim to make London the digital capital of Europe.

"So get online, stay in touch and make sure you're not left standing on the starting blocks."

Johnson wants to see London's WiFi network vastly expanded as part of his plans for delivering a lasting communications legacy from the London 2012 and is working closely with all the major network providers to ensure the city has some of the best and fastest WiFi internet connections by next summer.

Transport for London (TfL) is currently searching for a provider to supply WiFi to 120 Underground stations while there are also plans to create a series of WiFi hubs using bus stops near to and around tube stations.

BT's Capital WiFi programme to reach 500,000 hotspots kicks off next month, with new hotspots broadcasting from more than 630 London payphones.

Others will be added from homes and independent businesses across the city.

bt_openzone_22-09-11"BT is determined to be there for firms and their employees, wherever they decide to work during the Games," said Chris Bruce, chief executive of BT Openzone.

"It's our intention to support the buzz with a brilliant Capital WiFi service."

In addition, businesses in the capital will be able to plan ahead for the 2012 Games by using a new website offering a one-stop shop for Games-time transport information.

Over the coming months, the TfL site will provide detailed information about the Olympic Route Network (ORN) and other road restrictions on key dates in the London 2012 calendar such as the marathon dates and the road races as well as a new Freight Solutions Calendar so businesses can better plan their deliveries and despatch.

Nearer to Games it will provide the latest information on anticipated queuing times at Tube, DLR, London Overground and key National Rail stations as well as maps showing travel times between busy points in the city helping businesses plan journey times and anticipate delays.

"The Games will give this country a massive boost and deliver a legacy for London and the UK that will be felt for decades to come," said Olympics Transport Minister Theresa Villiers.

"But the Games will have an impact on getting around London and it's important that businesses start planning for this now - including how they make and receive deliveries during summer 2012 and how staff needs to adapt their travel patterns.

"The Department for Transport is helping to lead the way as a London employer - we're committed to reducing our travel footprint by 50 per cent at Games time.

"With events like today's, and TfL's one-stop-shop, we can work together to minimise disruption and overcrowding on our transport network, and use the Olympics to show the world that London is a world class location for events."

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