Suresh_Kalmadi_outside_house_after_raid_December_2010December 27 - Suresh Kalmadi, the chairman of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, has claimed that he does not fear what investigators might have found when they raided his homes last week because he has nothing to hide.

A team of seven policeman from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) raided homes of Kalmadi in New Delhi and the western city of Pune as part of the on-going investigation surrounding alleged corruption at the Commonwealth Games. 

"I'm not angry, nor hurt," said Kalmadi.

"I'm happy that they came and collected all the documents."

It has been alleged that some documents relating are missing but Kalmadi claimed that they were with another investigating agency.

"I had guests from early morning," said Kalmadi.

"CBI teams also went to my house in Pune and my brother's house in Mumbai.

"We cooperated with the agency fully.

"I am answerable for only my budget...which was only three to four per cent of the total Commongwelth Games budget.

"We have nothing to hide."

Following the raid CBI questioned three personal staff members of Kalmadi for five hours in connection with the recovery of a "broken CD" and a letter allegedly trying to blackmail him.

The broken CD is to be sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) for a forensic examination to retrieve information from it, the CBI revealed.

"We have found a badly damaged CD broken into three pieces," said a CBI spokesman.

"Efforts are on to retrieve saved data.

"It would be sent for forensic examination."

The CD allegedly claims sensitive information about Kalmadi and the sender of the letter threatened to make it public unless they received a payment to keep quiet.

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