Refugee Team taekwondo athlete focus on gold at the Paris 2024. GETTY IMAGES

Taekwondo athlete Farzad Mansouri was the flag bearer for Afghanistan at Tokyo 2020, but he left the country when the Taliban captured Kabul.

"We went to the airport and the situation was very bad, it was very busy. Some of the people didn’t even have documents.It was very dangerous, we did not know what would happen in the next few hours,"  told Mansouri The National News.

After leaving Afghanistan Mansouri stayed at the Accommodation centre in Abu Dhabi for 8 months, and he had to prepare his own training problem.

"I did not have any motivation in that place because I did not know how long I would stay there.

"With taekwondo you have to be ready any time. If you are not trained for one or two months, your body starts to weaken, and it is really hard to start again and be ready for competitions. 

"But I was thinking I have to start again because one day I can go back to competitions, and I should be ready," says the athlete.

Then Mansouri was invited to Great Britain to train with the GB Taekwondo Team. He was third at the European Olympic Qualifiers, and later he was named to represent IOC Refugee Team at the Paris 2024.

"Now I am really excited, I train very well every day, even during Ramadan, when I was fasting. The Olympics is a very high-quality competition, because every athlete wants to go to the Olympics at least once. Every professional athlete wants to go to the Olympics and win some medals too. It is my focus to get gold at the Paris Olympics," concluded the athlete.