Argentine tennis player Agustín Torre banned for five years by Anti-Corruption. 'X' @torreagustin

Tennis athlete Eduardo Agustin Torre, who achieved the 596th position in the ATP singles ranking, has been handed a five-year suspension and a €35,000 fine following "35 breaches" of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program, as reported by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA).

The sanction relates to a recently concluded criminal case involving a match-fixing syndicate in Belgium, where Torre admitted his responsibility. He will be banned from playing, coaching or taking part in any authorised tennis event, and is the sixth Argentinian tennis player to be sanctioned by the anti-corruption agency.

Torre, who reached a career-high ATP ranking of 596, will not be able to play again for a period of five years, in fact not until midnight on 25 April 2029, when the sanction imposed by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA), announced last Friday, expires.

His sanction will undoubtedly be a blow to Argentinian tennis, as he is the sixth player from the country to be sanctioned for corruption. The others are Nicolas Kicker, Nicolas Arreche, Patricio Heras, Franco Feitt and Federico Coria. Torre, who admitted the charges by failing to respond to them, was suspended for a sanction related to a recently concluded criminal case involving a match-fixing syndicate in Belgium.

The cooperation between the ITIA and the Belgian authorities was crucial in solving the case. It also led to a five-year prison sentence for the syndicate's leader, Grigor Sargsyan. The charges against Torre relate to offences committed in 2017. However, the ITIA's case has been postponed until after the criminal proceedings have been concluded. 

Torre, a professional from 2011 to 2018, reached his peak as a tennis player in September 2014. He now faces a five-year absence from the game, undermining his career and credibility. The case was resolved by the Independent Anti-Corruption Hearing Officer (AHO), Amani Khalifa. He also fined Torre €35,000.

The offences included facilitation of betting, manipulation of match results, solicitation of money or benefits to negatively influence a player's performance, failure to report corrupt approaches and failure to report corruption offences. Torre, known as "El Loco", has not played an ATP match for a long time, specifically since 12 November 2018, when he played a doubles match in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Agustín Torre has also been playing paddle tennis in recent seasons. 'X'@torreagustin
Agustín Torre has also been playing paddle tennis in recent seasons. 'X'@torreagustin

He did not play on the ATP Tour, but instead played in the Futures. Having won eight doubles titles, he played with partners who were later sanctioned, and then moved on to paddle tennis, where he currently competes.

According to Infoabe, there were seven players of Belgian origin who received various sanctions: Arthur de Greef, Romain Barbosa (both suspended until February 2025 with a fine of €45,000) and Alec Witmeur (suspended until December 2023 with a fine of €30,000). None of them have ever been ranked in the ATP.

According to The Washington Post, the network of syndicate leader Grigor Sargsyan, sentenced last year to five years in prison, included at least 180 players from 30 countries and was described as "the largest match-fixing network in tennis history".