Gibraltar Boxing Association and IBA plan a joint future. IBA

The Gibraltar Boxing Association and the International Boxing Association (IBA) met to discuss the possibilities of IBA's financial support programme, the status of Gibraltar's grass-roots boxing development and the impact of its 20 April tournament, where 50 boxers competed.

Ideas and knowledge were exchanged in an active bilateral meeting between the Gibraltar Boxing Association (GBA) and the International Boxing Association (IBA). Kaelan Joyce, representing the Gibraltar Boxing Association (GBA), joined Chris Roberts OBE, Secretary General and CEO of the International Boxing Association (IBA), and Alisa Shcherbachenya, Director of International Relations for the IBA, for an online conversation. 

Upcoming international events, the possibilities of the IBA Financial Support Programme (FSP), and the status of the grassroots development of Gibraltar boxers were some of the important topics discussed during the meeting. Participants also reviewed the successful GBA event held on 20 April, whose results and organisation Joyce and Roberts also discussed. Up to 50 boxers took part. 

IBA will invest $80m in prizes over the next four years. IBA
IBA will invest $80m in prizes over the next four years. IBA

The trend in the British territory in southern Europe is to invest in boxing and work openly with the sport. There are opportunities to increase the participation of Gibraltar boxers in the IBA and continental events. This was one of the subjects in which both IBA and the GBA decided to get involved and promote the development of aspiring boxers, especially at an early age.

The IBA continues its work of expansion and collaboration with various national federations. The aim is to reach as many places as possible. Collaboration in Africa has been achieved through the partnership with the Mandela Foundation. Efforts are now being made to strengthen ties with Gibraltar in order to develop its boxing potential.

They need to be provided with the necessary resources for their growth and this is where the IBA and the GBA want to work together. The IBA Financial Support Programme (FSP) has attracted much attention for its impact and content.

An image from one of the IBA Champions' Night events. IBA
An image from one of the IBA Champions' Night events. IBA

The potential benefits to the GBA are clear. The aim is to provide financial support to national federations to enable them to organise events, run training programmes and support boxers in their respective territories. The GBA has expressed its interest in being a part of this initiative.

Joyce said, "We are delighted to have had the opportunity to discuss these important issues with the IBA. This dialogue has reinforced our commitment to the development of boxing in Gibraltar and paved the way for future co-operation." 

An official IBA visit to the Gibraltar Boxing Association later this year was agreed at the conclusion of the meeting. The IBA is continuing its efforts to professionalise relations and ensure that both the people and those in charge of the management and organisation of events are increasingly well trained in order to achieve a more positive outcome.