Miami Dade College

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has revealed a partnership with Miami Dade College, a prestigious educational institution in the United States. 

As part of this collaboration, select students will have the opportunity to intern at the FIFA World Cup 26™ offices, while exhibits from the FIFA Museum will be showcased at the iconic Freedom Tower. In August 2023, FIFA established its FIFA World Cup 26 headquarters in Coral Gables, located approximately 11 kilometers from downtown Miami, within Miami-Dade County.

Since gaining its reputation in 1960, Miami Dade College has welcomed over 2.5 million students and gained renown as one of the most culturally diverse educational institutions in the United States. Miami Dade College, with its current enrollment of 100,000 students, boasts representation from 167 nations and 63 languages. This diversity embodies the college's motto, 'United in Community and Excellence,' nurturing unity amidst its diverse cultural mix.

“We are honored to serve as the site of the first FIFA exhibition in the U.S. as we approach the centennial of our historic Freedom Tower in 2025,” said President Madeline Pumariega. “The internship program for MDC students at FIFA’s new offices in Miami will provide students the opportunity to gain substantiative hands-on experience and forge connections that will last throughout their careers. They will also hear from FIFA and global football professionals as part of a new guest speaker series.”

Undergoing significant renovations ahead of its centennial anniversary and anticipated reopening in 2025, the Freedom Tower is set to feature prominent items on loan from the FIFA Museum in Zurich. These exhibits will spotlight the rich history and expansion of football throughout the Americas, along with numerous significant FIFA events held in Miami over the years.

Miami Dade College and FIFA has struck up a partnership. MIAMI DADE COLLEGE
Miami Dade College and FIFA has struck up a partnership. MIAMI DADE COLLEGE

“I am very proud and happy for the announcement of an incredible partnership between FIFA and Miami Dade College. I would like to thank its president, Madeline [Pumariega], the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Dade County, Daniella Levine Cava, and the whole team for having made this possible, a partnership which will have, as one of its most important points, an exhibit at the museum of Miami Dade College in Freedom Tower as of 2025,” said the FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

"Exhibits from the FIFA Museum will tell the story of football and bring visitors to the Freedom Tower exhibition closer to the beautiful game. It will show the history of our sport, which is one of opportunity, and I am proud that students of Miami Dade College will also have the chance to work with FIFA as interns."

This autumn, MDC is set to debut its eagerly awaited men's and women's soccer programs, enhancing the College's current athletic offerings. Heading these teams are MDC alumnus Ramiro Vengoechea, appointed as Head Coach of the inaugural MDC women's soccer team, and Giuseppe DePalo, chosen to lead the men's team.