WNBA No. 1 draft pick Caitlin Clark 'happy' after first practice. GETTY IMAGES

The Indiana Fever point guard, the all-time leading scorer in US college basketball, said: "It was a good first day" after making her debut with her new teammates. The star returned to the court after weeks of excessive media exposure. Clark admitted that the challenge is "a big one, but it's something that I've been expecting".

Caitlin Clark is a phenomenon wherever she goes. She has become a sensation with her scoring record in women's and men's college basketball. Everyone wants to know how she's doing and what she's up to. After weeks of being a media whirlwind, she is back on the court. She has completed her first practice with the Indiana Fever.

"It was a good first day," Clark said on Sunday. "It was tough. But that's what you expect from these practices. It's fun to be out there with all the girls."

Indiana Fever point guard Caitlin Clark, the first player selected in the WNBA Draft after a record-setting collegiate career, said she was pleased Sunday following her first WNBA Training Camp practice. She seemed pleased and eager to keep learning.

Caitlin Clark atop the Empire State. GETTY IMAGES
Caitlin Clark atop the Empire State. GETTY IMAGES

The 22-year-old American phenomenon is one of the world's best three-point shooters. She earned worldwide praise for leading the University of Iowa to the last two US college finals, where the Hawkeyes fell just short. Despite her prolific output, she made the leap to the WNBA without winning the coveted title.

Clark, who was selected first overall in the WNBA Draft on 15 April, said during the season that she would be moving up to the WNBA ranks, which caused some sadness, but her decision was also understood given her level of play. Her impact has been so significant that she expects her army of fans to be a boost to the US women's league's ratings and attendance when the 2024 season kicks off next month.

"It's a new chapter and that's what I was prepared for," said Clark. "Going into (Sunday), I had some training under my belt. That definitely helps, so I'm not going into camp completely blind." It's clear that her level of play is high enough that she will notice the change, but not in the same way as other players.

Caitlin Clark, during her college days. GETTY IMAGES
Caitlin Clark, during her college days. GETTY IMAGES

The Fever haven't made the WNBA playoffs since 2016. They haven't won a playoff series or had a winning season since 2015, and their only championship came in 2012. Clark has arrived to change that. The Fever hired Clark to turn things around and challenge for a championship again. "Our goal is the playoffs," said Fever coach Christie Sides.

Clark says she's looking forward to the pressure of the WNBA, which begins with a preseason contest in Dallas on Friday. This will help Clark get used to playing in the WNBA. "It's definitely different. But that's what you expect when you start a new chapter in your life," said Clark.

"This coaching staff is fully prepared. They've been watching me for a long time and the things that they've got planned and the things that we're going to be doing are going to be very good for me, very good for this group as a whole. A lot of screening action.

"It's fast, it's a fast shot clock, but it suits my game very well," Clark admitted after her first few days on the court, as reported by AFP. Clark took refuge on the courts and in practice to forget about the past few weeks. Her popularity exploded during a college postseason last month.

"I think that's what I'm most excited about: getting all that other stuff out of the way," Clark said. Despite everything, the Indiana Fever player said she's in a good place. "I feel like I'm in a very good place to play basketball. There's no way for me to get back in shape on my own. I've been playing basketball. There really hasn't been a break. I feel like that's really good for me. You just keep the momentum going, keep being yourself and keep learning."