UWW sets up two independent panels to review Chamizo-Bayramov fight. GETTY IMAGES

United World Wrestling (UWW) has appointed two separate panels to independently and separately analyse the refereeing decisions, including the challenge decisions, of the match between Frank Chamizo (Italy) and Turan Bayramov (Azerbaijan) at the European OG Qualifier in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Each panel will consist of three members, the Chairman of the Refereeing Commission and two experts, and three members of the Executive Board with expertise in refereeing and the International Wrestling Rules.

The Chairman of the UWW Disciplinary Chamber will also appoint a panel of three members to review the findings of the ongoing investigation into allegations of attempted corruption and alleged violation of the integrity of our sport. This panel will determine the disciplinary action to be taken in this matter.

Chamizo (in blue) refused a $300,000 bribe to throw the fight against Bayramov (in red). UWW
Chamizo (in blue) refused a $300,000 bribe to throw the fight against Bayramov (in red). UWW

"UWW is resolutely committed to thoroughly investigating and clarifying all aspects of the 74kg semifinal bout between Chamizo and Bayramov, ensuring transparency and upholding the integrity of wrestling," is said in the official statement of the organisation. 

The Chamizo-Bayramov bout ended in a huge scandal, with the referee and judges making several suspicious decisions in favour of Bayramov. Chamizo accused the judges of corruption and later confessed that he rejected a $300,000 bribe to throw the match.