GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt. GAMMA

Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts President Alexander Engelhardt and Director General Peter Stafford will lead a small delegation to the SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit in Birmingham, UK next week.

Representing amateur mixed martial arts, they will join over 1,500 global sports leaders and key decision makers at the convention, which will run from 7-11 April. GAMMA's goal is to increase the visibility and promotion of MMA and to connect with other sports leaders and stakeholders, many of whom are already a part of the Olympic Movement.

As the international governing body for amateur and grassroots MMA, GAMMA provides a global pathway for participants through the development of a safe, inclusive, and well-regulated discipline that serves as a positive force in communities worldwide, and through the organisation of international competitions. 

GAMMA's vision is to achieve formal Olympic recognition for MMA, and its the recent inclusion in the 2023 African Games has been beneficial towards this goal. GAMMA's membership includes nationally recognised federations from five continents, and the governing body is committed to the Olympic values of sportsmanship, excellence, and fair play, as well as the martial arts’ traditions of discipline, respect, and humility.

GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt said: "We look forward to participating in SportAccord, which returns to the global sports calendar for the first time since 2019. It is a great opportunity to connect with the industry leaders and decision makers in one place and it will certainly be very beneficial for us as GAMMA to be there."