Singapore declines to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games. GETTY IMAGES

Singapore has followed Malaysia in declining to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the future of the multi-sport event.

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has been actively seeking a replacement host since the Australian state of Victoria withdrew its bid last year due to escalating costs, leading to a scramble to secure a new venue for the multi-sport event.

Malaysia has been considered as a potential alternative host, but turned down the opportunity last month over cost concerns, despite being offered a £100 million (€116 million) incentive by the CGF.

"Commonwealth Games Singapore and Sport Singapore have reviewed the feasibility of hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games and have decided not to bid for the Games," the two sporting bodies said in a joint statement, without giving further details.

Prince Edward closed the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. GETTY IMAGES
Prince Edward closed the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. GETTY IMAGES

Despite being just two years away, the CGF remains optimistic that the Games' focus on inclusivity and integration, including para-sports alongside able-bodied events, will help secure a host for the multi-sport event.

Victoria's unexpected withdrawal and the lack of a clear replacement have cast uncertainty over the continuity of the quadrennial Games, with the majority of participating nations hailing from former British territories.

"The process of identifying a host for the 2026 Games continues at pace with interested Commonwealth Games Associations," CGF chief executive Katie Sadleir told AFP late last month.