Are the French enthusiastic about Paris 2024? GETTY IMAGES

According to a poll published on Monday, only a third of French people are "very" or "somewhat" impatient for the Olympic Games to be held in Paris from 26 July to 11 August.

Four months before Paris hosts its third Olympic Games after 1900 and 1924, it seems that the expectations of the inhabitants of the host city do not seem to be as high as they should be, while protests against the Games are flooding the French capital.

In the last few months before the Olympic Games, a survey done by Viavoice shows that only a third of those questioned, 37% to be precise, are looking forward to the Olympic Games "a great deal" or "with some impatience". The remaining 57% show "little" or "no impatience".

Interest in the Paralympic Games is comparatively lower, with only 30% of respondents expressing anticipation, according to an online survey conducted between 29 February and 4 March.

According to the survey, released at a professional journalism conference in France, less than half of respondents (45%) consistently follow sports news and activities, with 35% "rarely" and 20% "never" following sports news.

Of those who "regularly follow sports news and events", 55% are excited about the most digital Olympic Games ever, while 45% are looking forward to the Paralympic Games.

Regularly following of sports news is reported by 61% of male respondents, while 30% of female respondents show the same level of engagement. Football emerges as the most popular sport with 43% of respondents mentioning it, well ahead of rugby on 15% and tennis on 7%.

Finally, 76% of respondents believe that sports journalists should be neutral and not show any preference. This perspective changes when French teams or athletes are competing, with 45% of respondents expecting journalists and commentators to be "supporters" and "show their preference". 

The survey collected responses from a sample of 1,001 people reflecting the demographic characteristics of the population aged 18 and over living in metropolitan France, using the quota method.