First conference of ITF Committee chairs in 2024  . ITFTKD

Following the intensive Executive Committee workshop in Warsaw, Poland, at the beginning of March, ITF Standing Committee Chairs met virtually a week later.

The invitation to the meeting had come directly from the ITF President, Grand Master Paul Weiler, and short reports on key achievements and important plans for the future were presented by each committee - either directly by the chair, by a past chair or even via a virtual pre-recorded message. 

In addition to the committee chairs and the ITF President, the meeting was attended by the ITF Treasurer, Master Leo Oros Duek, and the ITF General Secretary, Master Tadeusz Loboda. 

Several committees reported on existing, regular, and upcoming events, such as the ITF courses: from the mandatory International Instructor Course (IIC) and the International Do Course (IDC) to training courses for children (IKC) and the elderly (IHC), as well as for referees (IUC) and members with special needs (IAC).

Another hot topic involving several committees was the organisation of the big event on the 2024 ITF calendar: the 9th ITF World Cup in Mar del Plata, Argentina, in October. With the invitation and many internal organisational matters finalised with the local organisers, this event is well on track. 

With this first joint meeting of all the ITF Standing Committees in 2024, the Committees will strengthen their cooperation and continue to work hard for the benefit of the ITF. The existing plans and projects of all the committees will take the ITF into 2024 and beyond. 

The ITF President personally thanked all the Committees for their hard work and concluded that "many interesting projects for the future were mentioned and the versatility of Taekwon-Do and our organisation was [once again] highlighted".