Gambia Paralympic Committee seeks support. GETTY IMAGES

The Gambia National Paralympic Committee (GNPC) is currently seeking support from philanthropists and stakeholders as it prepares for the 2024 Paralympic Games, which kick off in France at the end of August.

The GNPC is appealing for support to increase its participation in the Paralympic Games, which will be held in Paris from 28 August to 8 September 2024. Paralympic sport aims to integrate people with disabilities into the sporting and social world through sport. A member of the GNPC, Mama Faal Kah, explained that the GNPC has embarked on a massive nationwide tour, focusing on structures in the Basse. "The board believes that the best way to approach this is to go back to the rural areas where there are established structures to educate them about Paralympic sports," said Kah.

Faal Kah revealed that they are working with the education system to introduce Paralympic sports into the school curriculum where disabled people will participate in Physical Education (PE). She also said that the Paralympic team will leave the country in the next two to three weeks for Dubai, where they will participate in the World Para Powerlifting Championships. "Through these events, we will be able to accumulate points for the powerlifters to qualify for the Paris 2024 Games," Faal Kah pointed out.

Salifu Kujabi (R) with a team member at the first African Para Games in Accra. GETTY IMAGES
Salifu Kujabi (R) with a team member at the first African Para Games in Accra. GETTY IMAGES

The GNPC General Secretary revealed that the Paralympic team left Banjul for Tunisia on 2 March 2024 ahead of the athletics championships. Camara added that the Paralympic team will also participate in championships in Morocco and Japan. "We do not intend to be represented by only two athletes this year. "Gambian sports are involved in various Paralympic sports," said Camara, who also expressed, "We want to represent the country in numerous events such as the Paralympic Games."

Among the notable Paralympic athletes with previous experience are Malang Tamba and Fatou Sanneh, both of whom competed at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in 2021 due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Fatou Sanneh, who had the honour of carrying her country's flag at the last Paralympic Games, was the first athlete to leave the Paralympic Games after Ida. She is currently in Tunisia, where the Paralympic Championships are taking place, which could give her the chance to compete in the biggest Games, the Paris 2024 Paralympics.