ADXC 3: Gomes, Mesquita and Alkatheeri win fights in Balneário Camboriú. ACTION UAE

After a night of duels for the books, the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship delivered the grand tournament that fight fans were expecting. 

Held on the 2nd of March in the Brazilian city of Balneário Camboriú, the ADXC 3 brought its famous cage, merciless rules and the best athletes in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA to the Expocentro as one of the shows of the BC Fight Week. And what a show it was, as the organisation managed to bring everything that made ADXC so compelling to its first foreign venture. 

In the Jiu-Jitsu main event, the Brazilian Jansen Gomes avenged the provocation of Portugal's Bruno Lima by taking the victory. With exceptional work in the cage, Jansen opened the fight with a beautiful double-leg takedown and later used the cage and trouser holds to throw Bruno to the ground, even taking his opponent's back twice in the five three-minute rounds. After the win, Jansen spoke about his preparation and had a sharp message for his opponent: "I prepared in Dubai with Thiago Sá and worked hard to understand the cage and come well prepared. I want to send a message to Bruno Lima: you're far from home. This is Brazil!" 

In the grappling main event, Beatriz Mesquita guaranteed her favouritism with a quick submission of Jennifer Maia. After taking her opponent down with a beautiful uchimata, Beatriz applied pressure from the top, attempted a kimura, slid to the back, and submitted with a rear naked choke just over two minutes into the first round.

UAE rising star Zayed Alkatheeri. ACTION UAE
UAE rising star Zayed Alkatheeri. ACTION UAE

"I loved the adrenaline in the cage and I can't wait to get back. I wanted to issue a challenge to all the MMA athletes who think they are good at grappling and submissions. I challenge any of them to meet me here in the ADXC cage," stated Beatriz after her victory. 

On the undercard, rising UAE star Zayed Alkatheeri picked up another win on foreign soil. Facing the Brazilian Oziel Santos in a Jiu-Jitsu bout, Zayed displayed outstanding technical skills and cunning, using the ADXC cage as another weapon in his arsenal as he unleashed his dangerous foot attacks throughout the contest. At the end of the three rounds, Zayed was crowned ADXC 3 Champion. 

Also on the card, Rayron Gracie represented the famous Jiu-Jitsu family surname by submitting Fellipe Andrew with a lapel choke in the Co-main event. Henrique Ceconi won the grappling Co-main event after showing impressive endurance and strength in his bout with Roberto Cyborg.