Saudi Arabia launches campaign to host FIFA World Cup™ 2034

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) has unveiled its bid campaign for the FIFA World Cup™ 2034. The launch of the campaign follows Saudi Arabia's landmark announcement of its intention to bid for the FIFA World Cup™ 2034 in October last year.

The move was formalised after the SAFF submitted its official letter of intent and signed a declaration to world football's governing body FIFA later that month. Under the new campaign slogan 'Growing. Together.', the SAFF unveiled its bid logo, website and short film, which celebrate the passion, spirit and diversity of football in Saudi Arabia. 

As one of the fastest and most exciting growth stories in world football, 'Growing. Together.' seeks to capture the parallel between Saudi Arabia's rapid transformation and the positive impact hosting the tournament would have on both international football and FIFA's flagship event. 

The bid, which aims to become the first single host nation of a 48-team FIFA World Cup™, is based on three pillars: 'Growing People. Together. - Growing Football. Together. - Growing Connections. Together.'  Over the past six years, Saudi Arabia has successfully hosted more than 100 international events in nearly 40 sports and has active football partnerships with more than 100 countries. 

Saudi Arabia committed to hosting the best FIFA World Cup ever. SAFF
Saudi Arabia committed to hosting the best FIFA World Cup ever. SAFF

The campaign slogan aims to capture the spirit of this bond, as the Kingdom, its people and world football work together to build a better future. Yasser Al Misehal, President of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF), said: "Telling our football story to the world is of paramount importance and we believe 'Growing. Together.' is the perfect description of our approach to hopefully hosting the tournament in 10 years' time." 

"Bidding to host a FIFA World Cup™ is only possible because of the rapid transformation of the country. We've made unprecedented progress in both men's and women's football and our bid is an open invitation to the world to join us on this exciting journey. The future is bright when we grow together," he remarked. 

The newly unveiled bid logo has been designed to capture the essence of Saudi Arabia's young nation, vibrant society and rich heritage. The logo is made up of intertwined rows of multi-coloured ribbons, featuring iconic football and cultural symbols. Together, the ribbons form '34' - marking the year that Saudi Arabia dreams of hosting the 25th edition of the FIFA World Cup™. 

Football is growing really fast at all levels in Saudi Arabia. SAFF
Football is growing really fast at all levels in Saudi Arabia. SAFF

The logo also forms the outline of the country, with its five colours reflecting the country's Desert Amber, a symbol of warmth and generosity; Oasis Green, representing valleys and mountains; Radiance Red, inspired by the coral reefs of the Red Sea; Rich Lavender, celebrating the blooming wildflowers; and Sunrise Yellow, marking an exciting new dawn for the nation.

The short bid film explores the passion for football across Saudi society. Featuring football icons and players from the Saudi women's U-17 national team, the film captures the country's diverse landscapes, culture and traditions. It is narrated by the 22-year-old Saudi women's national team midfielder Layan Jouhari, while the soundtrack was composed by Saudi music powerhouse MDLBEAST. 

In accordance with the FIFA Bidding Regulations, the Saudi Arabian Football Federation recently set up a special bidding unit to manage the Saudi 2034 bid, which will run until the end of the year. 

Hammad Albalawi, Head of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation's FIFA World Cup™ 2034 Bidding Unit, said: "This campaign is powered by the hopes and dreams of 32 million people in Saudi Arabia. It is our responsibility to submit the best possible bid to FIFA, to make our country proud and to live up to the trust by more than 130 member associations who supported our bid." 

Children a key part of Saudi Arabia's 2034 FIFA World Cup bid
Children a key part of Saudi Arabia's 2034 FIFA World Cup bid

"Under Vision 2030 and with the full support of our country's leadership, sport is helping to unlock the passion and potential of our people, and as our campaign slogan says, Saudi Arabia's bid to host the FIFA World Cup™ 2034 is all about being part of a global football family where fans, players and associations all grow together," he stressed. 

The launch of the campaign comes almost two months after the successful hosting of the FIFA Club World Cup™ in December 2023, which attracted over a quarter of a million fans from around the world to Jeddah. 

Saudi Arabia's men's and women's football has grown exponentially since 2021 in all areas: The number of regional training centres has almost tripled to 17, the talent identification programmes have quadrupled to 19, the national teams have grown from nine to 17 with the aim of having a team at every age group and the number of licensed coaches has increased from 2,300 to 6,200.