Cook Islands National Olympic and Sports Committee seeks Secretary General. GETTY IMAGES

The organisation has launched an open call for candidates following the departure of Owen Lewis as Education Secretary. The aim is to find someone in place who will continue Lewis' legacy of leadership and support for the Olympic movement.

The Cook Islands National Olympic and Sport Committee (CISNOC) is looking for a new general secretary following Owen Lewis' move to become education secretary. A continuation of the leadership and support for the Olympic movement that Lewis has consistently demonstrated is being sought, according to The People's Network. 

Hugh Graham, President of CISNOC, said: "We are taking this proactive approach to encourage candidates to put their names forward." CISNOC's social media platforms have been used to announce the candidature. Various National Sports Federations and Outer Island Sports Associations have also been contacted to identify potential candidates among their members. 

Siniva Marsters Setereki, known for her dual role as a former national athlete and administrative leader, and Jason Lindsay, currently CISNOC's Administrative Manager, are among the notable applicants, 'The People's Network' reported.

The Cook Islands want a candidate who will uphold the current legacy. GETTY IMAGES
The Cook Islands want a candidate who will uphold the current legacy. GETTY IMAGES

Both candidates have first-hand knowledge of the organisation, its needs and how it works. Knowledge of the Olympic principles and the structures of international sport is something that Lewis' future successor cannot do without. 

According to The People's Network, CISNOC has listed the characteristics and virtues that the new Secretary General must possess.  These include a university degree and experience in the world of sport, but from an administrative perspective. The need to find the ideal candidate is urgent. Especially as they are expected to start before the Cook Islands Games.

Of course, the role of the General Secretary is fundamental in shaping the future of sport in the Cook Islands. Her appointment will set the direction and guide the Cook Islands Sports Movement for years to come. One of the tasks and objectives will be to provide athletes with the necessary tools and resources to compete at the highest level.