The Islamic Solidarity Sports Association has launched its new visual identity. This is based on the decision that was approved during the Association's twelfth General Assembly in November 2023.

The new identity embodies and reflects the Association's new Vision statement; Mission Statement and values which aim to further develop the Islamic sports movement, provide fair competition and opportunities for youth of both genders and enhance sports excellence. This update reflects the Association's vision of achieving sports solidarity, guiding youth toward sports paths that reflect the Association’s values, and promoting understanding and cooperation between different cultures in the world.

In addition, the new identity signifies sports integrity and emphasizes the message of peace advocated by the Islamic religion. The Association is committed to showcasing these values through sports.

The Islamic Solidarity Sports Association, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, serves as the governing body for the Islamic Solidarity Games. This international non-profit organization aims to foster collaboration among Islamic nations through sports.

The Association's new visual identity represents its Islamic identity, portrayed through the Arabic language using Kufic script in the new logo. Kufic is one of the oldest forms of the Arabic script, which emerged in the late seventh century AD. It became a preferred script for copying the Qur’an and designing the architectural decoration.

The announcement of the new visual identity aligns with the Association's future aspirations to introduce its goals and vision and its efforts to promote and develop sports in its member countries.