Canada has opened the call for applications for the FISU Forum. It provides an opportunity for various students as well as academic staff or leaders in university sport to come together to discuss educational, cultural and university sport policies.

The biennial event, held in different cities around the world, consists of a forum that provides an opportunity for students, academic staff and university sport leaders to meet and discuss education, culture and university sport. The Forum includes various workshops, conference-style dialogues and delegate presentations, among other key activities.

In addition, cultural and sports excursions are included throughout the Forum. This year's main theme is "University Sport: Creating a better world". The main theme will have important sub-themes such as "Diversity and Inclusion: Promoting gender equality, inclusivity and accessibility in university sport". Another theme will be "Sport Diplomacy and Global Relations: Using university sport for international cooperation and cultural exchange".

Zagreb, Croatia, will host the 2024 FISU Forum from 27 to 31 August 2024.

Eligibility criteria:

-To be considered as a student representative, applicants must meet the following criteria: 

-Be a Canadian citizen and be at least 17 years of age and no older than 25 years of age on 1 January of the year of the event. This -means they must have been born between 31 December 2006 and 1 January 1998.

-Be currently enrolled as a student officially pursuing a degree or diploma at a university or similar institution whose status is recognised by the appropriate national academic authority in Canada.

-Graduates who wish to participate must have received their degree or diploma in the year prior to the event (i.e., 2023).

-On the other hand, to be considered as a university sport representative, applicants must meet the following criteria

-Hold a leadership position in college athletics, physical education, or other college department (preference will be given to applicants from U SPORTS or CCAA), or be a member of the U SPORTS staff.

-Have a detailed knowledge of the university sport system in Canada and have the support of their university (academic faculty or athletics department).

This event is self-funded; U SPORTS will not fund any FISU Forum participant or any aspect of their participation. It should be clarified that, if selected, a deposit will be required for food and accommodation will be required by 10 May 2024. Participants will also be required to attend an information session with U SPORTS and submit a post-event report. 

The deadline for applications is 29 February, and candidates must submit a fully completed application form, along with a curriculum vitae and a letter of recommendation from their school before the mentioned date, by email to the following email address: [email protected]