A display of international sportsmanship at the Ju Jitsu Genoa Open. JJIF

The JJIF International "Genoa Open"' took place from 2-4 February at the Genova della Fiumara stadium, marking a major milestone in the city's bid to become the European Capital of Sport 2024.

Organised by the Lino Team Ju Jitsu and Judo in collaboration with the International Ju Jitsu Federation, this prestigious competition attracted 506 athletes from 22 nations, all vying for glory and valuable points in the world rankings.

Competitors from Saudi Arabia, Austria, Belgium, Congo, Denmark, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mauritius, Mexico, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Norway, Romania , Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Ukraine showcased their skills in various disciplines including Fighting System, Jiu Jitsu, Duo System, and Show. 

The event also featured a captivating demonstration of Para Ju Jitsu, highlighting inclusivity and diversity within the sport. A seminar on Contact Ju Jitsu also underlined the event's commitment to innovation and growth. Italian and Ukrainian athletes won 4 gold medals in the adult competition. Austria, Denmark and Israel had 3 gold medals, while France, the Netherlands and Sweden finished the competition with 2 gold medals.