2024 AWC Day 5. North Korea remain unbeaten. GETTY IMAGES

Day 5 of the 2024 Asian Weightlifting Championships brought a new world record and two more gold medals for North Korea. Their athletes now have 10 gold medals and the only question now is whether they will make it 11 out of 11 on day 6.

The first gold medal of the day went to Ri Chong Song, who won the men's - 81 kg category with a total of 369 kg. He also took first place in the snatch and clean and jerk. His first attempt in the clean and jerk secured victory with 200 kg, after which he had two unsuccessful attempts at the world record of 210 kg. 

This was the second time that Chong Song had attacked Rahmat's record. The first time was at the Asian Games 2023. The silver medal in the total went to Aleksandr Uvarov of Kazakhstan (343 kg). He was third in the snatch (153 kg) and second in the clean and jerk (190 kg). Gaygysyz Tortayev of Turkmenistan was fourth in the snatch, but took bronze in the total with a clean and jerk result of 189 kg. Iran's Beiranvand Abdollah was second in the snatch (154 kg), but dropped to fourth place after the clean and jerk. 

The Tashkent crowd, however, saw a world record in the women's 71 kg category. Hyang Song Kuk approached the 154 kg bar on her second attempt in the clean and jerk and improved the record of China's Liao Gyifang by 1 kg. She also won gold in the snatch (115 kg) and the total (269 kg). She was also close to breaking the world record in the snatch, but failed this time. Wen-Huei Chen from Taipei finished second in all events (108-128-236), Minhee Mun from Korea won three bronze medals (102-129-231). 

The last athlete from North Korea will compete on day 6, so the next few days will see more champions from other countries.