Germany and Turkey bid for 2027 European Para Championships.

Two potential hosts have already submitted their bids to succeed Rotterdam as the host of the second of the European Para Championships after the successful inaugural edition in 2023.

The success of the first edition of this multi-sport event for para-athletes in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 2023 has motivated Germany and Turkey to compete for the right to host and organise the second edition, scheduled for 2027.

The Turkish National Paralympic Committee has submitted its bid, confirming Turkey's strong commitment to promoting Para sports. Germany has also officially submitted its bid, demonstrating the determination and enthusiasm of its national authorities.

Eric Kersten, founder of the European Para Championships, expressed his great satisfaction with the strong bids submitted and believes that Para sports will be significantly enhanced across Europe: "These bids show Europe's active efforts and firm commitment to compete for the honour of hosting and raising the visibility of Para sports on the international stage".

Around 1,500 athletes competed at 2023 European Para Championships 2023. PARALYMPIC
Around 1,500 athletes competed at 2023 European Para Championships 2023. PARALYMPIC

The final decision on who will host in 2027 will be taken by the European Para Championships Organisation, which will work with the European Paralympic Committee and various international sports federations to carefully identify the most suitable candidate to host the 2027 Championships.

Raymon Blondel, President of the European Paralympic Committee, said: "The European Para Championships are a cornerstone for the development of Para sport in Europe and it's encouraging to see its bright future, growth and development secured by these bids. 

Both countries have demonstrated their commitment to the development of Para sport across the continent and promise an exciting road ahead for the athletes, staff and federations involved".

Raymon Blondel, President of the European Paralympic Committee. NOC*NS
Raymon Blondel, President of the European Paralympic Committee. NOC*NS

The primary objective of the organisation is to find the best host, with the promotion of Para sport at the highest level at the forefront. To achieve this, it is committed to maintaining a transparent selection process and ensuring that vital information reaches the Para sport community. The coming months promise more clarity and anticipation, setting the stage for another remarkable showcase of Para sport excellence.

History of the European Para Championships:

The European Para Championships is a multi-sport event held every four years and is organised in a major European city the year before the Paralympic Games. In 2023, the European Para Championships featured ten different Para sports organised simultaneously in the host city of Rotterdam from 8-20 August 2023.

The event will bring together 1,500 Paralympic athletes from 45 European countries, some of whom will earn Paralympic qualifying points and even direct qualification for Paris 2024.