Paris Grand Slam 2024: France take 3 golds from 5 on day 1. IJF

Shirine Boukli, Faiza Mokdar and Luka Mkheidze delighted the home crowd on the first day of the Judo Paris Grand Slam 2024.

Boukli and top seeded Italian Assunta Scutto were among the contenders for the gold medal in the women's 48 kg category. However, the Italian lost to Japan's Wakana Koga in the semi-finals. In a close fight between the two 2023 World Championships bronze medallists, Koga had the edge.

She made it through to the final, but it was Boukli who came out on top  with a golden score. Scutto and Laura Martinez Abelenda of Spain took home the bronze medals.

Mokdar managed to break the Canadian dominance in the women's 57 kg category. While everyone was expecting a Canadian final between Worlds the top two seeds, Christa Deguchi and Jessica Klimkait, the young French made a statement. She defeated former world champion and Olympic medallist Klimkait with a golden score and then brought down Deguchi with a quick ippon. Mokdar defeated both Canadian superstars to set up an Olympic clash between Deguchi and Klimkait.

Klimkait then defeated Kosovo's Olympic champion Nora Gjakova for the bronze medal. France No.1 Sarah Leonie Cysique was the second bronze medallist.

Podium in the men's 60 kg category at the Paris Grand Slam 2024. IJF
Podium in the men's 60 kg category at the Paris Grand Slam 2024. IJF

Tokyo 2020 bronze medallist Luka Mkheidze won a close battle in the men's 60 kg category final. His opponent, Korea's Harim Lee, grabbed his opponent below the belt and was penalised with shido in extra time. The gold medal went to the French, who won on a golden point. Japan's Taiki Nakamura and Spain's Francisco Garrigos won the bronze medals.

Another Olympic champion from Kosovo Distria Krasniqi, had a better day than her teammate. Krasniqi reached the final of the women's 52 kg category, where she defeated Great Britain's Chelsie Giles with waza-ari. Spain's Ariane Toro Soler and Japan's Kisumi Omori finished third. 

Two-time world champion and reigning world silver medallist Joshiro Maruyama was one of the top stars in the men's 66 kg weight category, but it was his teammate Takeshi Takeoka who took the gold medal. In the final bout between two Japanese, Takeoka scored a waza-ari in extra time to take the gold medal. The reigning Olympic and World champion in this weight class is also Japanese - Hifumi Abe. 

The bronze medal bout between two former Mongolian teammates, Narmandakh Bayanmunkh and Baskhuu Yondonperenlei, who now represents the United Arab Emirates and won the bout. The other gold medal went to Spain's David Garcia Torne.