Taekwondo: AETF Annual Board Meeting held in Spain. AETF

Spanish town Albir set the stage for the Annual Meeting of the AETF (All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation) Board of Directors from 12-14 January, 2024. It was the second year in a row that the event was held in Spain, and the second edition of the Stage & New Elite Competition, organised by FEST, received enthusiastic support.

Distinguished personalities, including Master Leo Orso Duek (AETF President), Master Virginia Dionisi (Vice-President) and Sabum Yavor Tasev (Secretary General) gathered to deliberate on key activities and financial matters from 2023 onwards. Their discussions set ambitious goals for the Federation's development in 2024 and fostered a collaborative atmosphere with a shared vision for AETF's future activities. 

Following the meeting, Board members were treated to the spectacle of the Stage & New Elite Competition, culminating in a memorable closing ceremony. The AETF President, Master Leo Oros Duek, graciously presented the organisers with special gifts in recognition of their dedication. 

On the 15 January at the Serradels Sports Club in Andorra, an examination session unfolded under the guidance of Master Oros Duek, the visionary President of the European Federation.

The students underwent a comprehensive examination covering forms, basic movements, sparring, and breaking techniques. An oral examination further demonstrated their skills and led to successful results. After the examination, Master Oros Duek gave a profound insight into the continuing importance of Taekwon-Do development in Andorra.

The session culminated in observing the progress of third dan Rodrigo Garcia and Alejandro Adanti, with Master Oros Duek inspiring further milestones in the unfolding journey of Taekwon-Do in Andorra.