The Class of 2023 is made up of 407 international student-athletes who have begun their studies at an American university, have received a scholarship and are competing in a sport. They are part of the Keystone Sports Class of 2023, which includes 1,209 international student-athletes.

The College Scholarships USA (CSUSA) Class of 2023 has helped 407 new international students enroll in American schools where they will study on scholarship and compete in US college sports. The programme has sent the student-athletes to 271 different schools across the NCAA, NAIA, and community college schools in 45 different states. 

The CSUSA congratulates the student-athletes on completing their college recruitment process, as well as that made it happen. A college recruiting process is a team effort where all parties must do their part to achieve a great end result. 

Students from 17 nationalities compete in 15 different sports. The most common ones are college football, college tennis, college golf, college athletics and college swimming, but this year there are scholarships in sports like alpine skiing, basketball, cycling, fencing, volleyball, cheerleading, and ice hockey. 

Students receive a mix of sports, academic and international scholarships to help pay for their tuition fees, room and board - making a fantastic American education more affordable. The CSUSA continues to be a sparring partner for its student-athletes during their time as students in the college system. 

Map of 407 student-athletes by US state. CSUSA
Map of 407 student-athletes by US state. CSUSA

The organisation remarks: "It is a great reward for us to see how they perform as athletes in the sporting arena, and how they take advantage of becoming global citizens while studying abroad. It is time for them to leave the nest and embark on the best four years of their lives". 

College Scholarships USA helps talented athletes to study at a college or university in the United States while earning an athletic scholarship in sports such as football (soccer), tennis, golf, swimming, athletics, skiing, etc. It is part  of Keystone Sports - a division of Keystone Education Group - whose mission is to help young people make one of the most important decisions of their lives: finding the best U.S. or Canadian university to pursue both their academic and athletic dreams. 

Keystone Sports has over 90 employees in more than 10 countries, most of whom are former college student-athletes. "We are experts in football, tennis, golf, athletics, swimming, basketball, and 15 other sports. We are Europe's strongest college sports recruiting solution for student-athletes looking to study in the USA", the organisation adds.