300 people certified as Kombat Taekwondo referees © Kombat Taekwondo Facebook page

On December 30, 300 people from 39 different countries were certified as Kombat Taekwondo referees, MasTKD reports. 

The seminar was conducted online and led by Elva Adams and Marcelo Rezende, chief referees of Kombat Taekwondo.

“This time we have a much more substantial registration than in previous seminars and it's all thanks to the after effect of the first fight show we had in Bogota, Colombia on December 3rd,” said Rick Shin, President and Founder of Kombat Taekwondo.

300 people were certified as Kombat Taekwondo referees

Besides the rules of the professional league, the seminar also presented the rules of the Major League of Kombat Taekwondo, which is conceptualised under an amateur perspective.

“In this way Kombat Taekwondo creates the Major and Minor Amateur Leagues and thus opens the doors to all Taekwondo practitioners around the world,” Shin added.

The Minor league is intended for under 17 year olds and the Major league for 18 and older.