Thomas Bach welcomes Greek President to the Olympic House. IOC

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, was welcomed by the President of the IOC, Thomas Bach, at the Olympic House. They discussed current geopolitics and the Olympic mission for peace through peaceful competition.

President Bach was accompanied by the President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Spyros Capralos, who paid a visit to Olympic House with Sakellaropoulou, one of the most sustainable buildings in the world.

In their discussions, both acknowledged the strong ties between the IOC and the Hellenic Republic (Greece), where the ancient Olympic Games originated in 776 BC, as well as the first modern-era Games held from 6-15 April 1896, marking a new beginning.

President Bach and President Sakellaropoulou discussed the current geopolitical situation and its impact on sports. Both leaders emphasized the peace mission of the Olympic Games, which aims to unite the world through peaceful competition. It is worth noting that Greece recently voted along with the overwhelming majority of UN General Assembly (UNGA) member states to adopt the Olympic Truce Resolution for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024.

At the Olympic House, Mrs. Sakellaropoulou signed the IOC's guestbook. She wrote: "It is a pleasure for me to visit the International Olympic Committee here in Lausanne. The ideal of Olympism, rooted in Ancient Greece, reflects the values of excellence, friendship, and respect, still relevant today."

During a tour of the Olympic Museum in Ouchy, the President of the Hellenic Republic saw the original manifesto of Pierre de Coubertin reestablishing the Olympic Games in modern times. The Greek roots of the Olympic Games hold a special place in the Olympic Museum, as does the first President of the IOC: Greek businessman and writer Demetrios Vikelas.

Since the revival of the Olympic Games by the IOC founder, French educator and historian Pierre de Coubertin, in 1894, the ties between the IOC and Greece remain as strong as ever, organizing not only the first Olympic Games of our era but also the 2004 Games.

The IOC's relationship with Greece is so strong that before each edition of the Olympic Games and the Youth Olympic Games, the Olympic flame is lit in a symbolic ceremony in Olympia, the original site of the ancient Olympic Games, in the presence of dignitaries. From Olympia, the flame travels to the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens and then to the host country of the Games to start the Olympic torch relay. Also, during each Olympic Games opening ceremony, the Greek delegation always leads the athletes at the forefront of the parade of nations.

As expected, in the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris from 26 July to 11 August 2024, the Greek delegation will lead the athlete's parade along the world-famous River Seine.