The Estonian Olympic Committee Turns a Hundred.  EOC

Double Olympic champion Kristina Šmigun-Vähi, the first medalist of the newly independent Estonia, Indrek Sei, and Urmas Sõõrumaa, the president of the Estonian Olympic Committee, raised the Estonian flag at Pikk Hermann Tower in Tallinn as a tribute to the hundred years of history of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

Everyone gathered in the historic Town Hall, reminiscing about all the athletes who have successfully competed in the Olympic Games.

"We are proud of our hundred years," said Sõõrumaa. Among the guests were the President of the European Olympic Committee, Spyros Capralos, the President of the Finnish Olympic Committee, Jan Vapaavuori, and the Secretary-General of the Latvian Olympic Committee, Kārlis Lejnieks.

A flag was raised at Pikk Hermann Tower in Tallinn during the tribute ceremony. EOC
A flag was raised at Pikk Hermann Tower in Tallinn during the tribute ceremony. EOC

The keynote speech was delivered by the President of the Republic of Estonia, Mr. Alar Karis. "The committee was founded before the last Summer Olympics in Paris, primarily to represent our country in negotiations with the International Olympic Committee regarding participation. However, it soon transformed into something much more than just a communication channel: it became our umbrella organization, bringing together and organizing all Estonian sports," he said.

"It has sent athletes to compete in the Olympics and helped sportsmen and sportswomen return from major competitions laden with medals. In doing so, it has developed professional and amateur sports in Estonia. Long live Estonian sport, and long live the Estonian Olympic Committee!" he added.

Mr. Capralos said, "Congratulations on reaching 100 years, I wish you the next year to be filled with accomplishments and medals!"

The current Estonian Olympic Committee was established in 2001 by merging two significant organizations: the Olympic-focused Estonian Olympic Committee and the umbrella organization for all sports organizations, the Estonian Sports Association. Since 1923, 81 medals have been won in the Olympic Games: 27 gold, 23 silver, and 31 bronze.

Estonia first competed as a nation in the 1920 Summer Olympics. The Estonian National Olympic Committee was established in 1923. The first Winter Olympics for an independent Estonia were in 1928. Estonian athletes participated in the Olympic Games until 1940. Since 1991, Estonia has participated in all Olympic Games.