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The 14th Women's Floorball World Championship kicks off on December 2 in Singapore. The championship will unfold until Sunday, December 10, at the OCBC Arena and the Singapore Indoor Stadium, returning to Southeast Asia after 18 years.

The Singapore Sports Hub is all set for what promises to be an exhilarating week of fast-paced floorball action with the world's top players. WFC 2023 will take place from December 2 to 10 at the OCBC Arena and the Singapore Indoor Stadium, with all 16 teams confirmed.

The host team, Singapore (#13), will be led by captain Michelle Lok, competing in her fourth WFC. However, eight of her 20 players will make their debut on the grand stage in front of their home audience. They will debut against the French team at 8:00 PM Singapore time, following the Opening Ceremony.

The other participating teams include the world's top-ranked and defending champions, Sweden, 2021 runner-up Finland (#2), Switzerland (#3), Czech Republic (#4), Poland (#5), Slovakia (#6), Norway (#7), Latvia (#8), Germany (#9), Denmark (#10), Australia (#11), Japan (#12), Estonia (#14), the United States (#15), and France (#27).

The first day of WFC 2023 will see Sweden making their debut against Slovakia in their quest to defend the title they won two years ago. All group stage matches and quarterfinals will be held at the OCBC Arena. The Singapore Indoor Stadium will host the semifinals and the grand final on December 9 and 10, respectively.

A total of 48 matches, including the group stage and playoffs, will take place in the city-state of Singapore. The quarterfinals will be held at OCBC Arena Hall 1 and Hall 2. The semifinals and finals will be played at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday, December 9, and Sunday, December 10.

Beyond the excitement of world-class floorball action by the top floorball athletes on the court, complementary activities and promotional stands will be held at the OCBC Arena Park during the Championship period.

The Groups:

Group A: Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Latvia

Group B: Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia

Group C: Germany, Australia, Singapore, France

Group D: Denmark, Japan, Estonia, USA.