The French Air and Space Force demonstration unit 'Patrouille de France' performing aerobatics during the International Paris Air Show at the ParisLe Bourget Airport. © Getty Images

France’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation said that airspace would remain closed between 7 pm and midnight during the opening ceremony on July 26.

Except for those providing emergency services or those who will have special permission from the country’s Ministry of Defense, “no flight will be allowed in the airspace” during the opening ceremony, the organization said.

Airlines and private flight companies will be requested to delay their activity or avoid this area during that period, the DGCA added.

It added that to ensure compliance with the restrictions, the two large Parisian airports, Charles de Gaulle and Orly, would be subject to regulations starting at 5 pm on July 26.

The defense ministry will be in charge of enforcing the restrictions through specific intervention detection methods, it said.