The General Assembly of the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) has chosen Mr. Mio Kortelainen from Laurea University of Applied Sciences as President for the year 2024. They also elected the Board for 2024. The meeting brought together representatives from student unions and university sports services, both in Tampere and remotely.

In addition to the President-elect, Mr. Mio Kortelainen, the new vice-chairs of OLL were elected during the General Assembly in Tampere, which concluded on November 9. They are Tomas Kurenniemi from Aalto University and Marika Uusi-Illikainen from the University of Jyväskylä. Meanwhile, Tiia Tjukanov from Moveo sports services was elected as a Board Member.

Helena Collin, Sport Centre Manager at SportUni, the sports services of the universities in Tampere, was honoured with the Flame of the Year award. Collin has demonstrated exceptional initiative in the network of university sports services.

It's worth noting that this prestigious award is given annually to an active sports participant who has selflessly devoted their time to promoting student sports.

Furthermore, the OLL Trophy was awarded to the Student Union of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMO), which has excelled in areas such as sports tutoring in recent years. The OLL Trophy is an annual award given to one of the Federation’s member organisations that has gone above and beyond with its sport and exercise activities.

In addition to the election of officials and the mentioned awards, the future of OLL was also discussed during the General Assembly, as the Federation is on the verge of implementing its new strategy. The General Assembly made decisions about a new membership model, which will see the Federation invite universities to become full members and promote well-being and the ability to study from the perspective of physical activity.

It is noteworthy that next year, the Finnish Student Sports Federation will celebrate its centennial history in university sports, renewing its ongoing mission to make an active lifestyle a part of student life.