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The European Olympic Academies (EOA) approved the admission of four new OA to their circle and confirmed new procedures for the commissions. They also deliberated on the autonomy and intervention of the Olympic movement, the validity of arbitration agreements, and collaboration for sustainable development.

Recently, the successful conclusion of the EOA Congress took place in Vilnius (Lithuania), once again bringing together the National Olympic Academies of Europe to discuss pressing issues in Olympic Values Education and share common practices among them. The Lithuanian Olympic Academy (LOA) managed to create an appealing program with cultural elements and hospitality for the guests.

The President of LOA, Prof. Dr. Asta Sarkauskiene, and the President of EOA, Prof. Dr. Manfred Laemmer, inaugurated the event alongside Isidoros Kouvelos, President of the IOA, Saulius Galadauskas, Vice President of the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania, and Rolandas Zuoza, Leader of the Sports Unit at the Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport of Lithuania.

During the congress, discussions revolved around the "Olympic Movement between Autonomy and Intervention," presented by Marc Theisen, President of the COE Legal Commission on the "Validity of Arbitration Agreements contained in the rules of Sports Governing Bodies," and Jean-Michel Brun, President of the COE Culture and Education Commission, presenting the specificities of sports in Europe.

Maria Bogner, Director of the Olympic Studies Centre (OSC), spoke about the efforts to make Olympic knowledge accessible to everyone and highlighted the wealth of resources provided by the OSC. Ales Solar concluded the session with reflections on a sustainable and autonomous financial strategy for the budgets of the OAs.

There was also time for discussions on the BESST project, a debate on the Erasmus+ project led by the EOA, "Building European Safe Sport Together" (BESST), and the confirmation of four organizations as new members this year. The Andorran Olympic Committee, the Olympic Federation of Ireland, the Olympic and Sports Committee of Luxembourg, and the National Olympic and Sports Committee of the Republic of Moldova are now part of the European OAs under the umbrella of the EOA.