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ParalympicsGB has launched a new national initiative aimed at identifying the next generation of Paralympic athletes. A significant event in the Discover Days series will take place at London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park later this month.

The campaign, titled "Discover your Paralympic Potential," will feature trial sessions for various sports nationwide in preparation for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. Participants will have opportunities to engage in a range of summer and winter Paralympic sports and meet distinguished athletes, including the double Paralympic gold medallist Libby Clegg and the judoka and blind footballer Darren Harris, who represented his country over 160 times.

The session is scheduled for November 25th and will cater to different disabilities, particularly those with visual impairments.

The day's activities will be divided into two parts: in the morning at Lee Valley VeloPark (10 a.m. – 1 p.m.) and in the afternoon at the London Aquatics Centre (2-4 p.m.). Both venues are managed by GLL, a charitable social enterprise and worker-owned cooperative operating under the community brand, Better.

The London session, developed in collaboration with coaches and staff from National Governing Bodies, will include judo, football, track cycling (for ages 14 and over), and swimming. Additionally, there will be a challenge zone with athletics, triathlon, and rowing, allowing participants to test themselves against the clock.

Ben Quilter, campaign manager and retired Paralympian who won bronze in judo at London 2012, believes the program will not only be critical for discovering new sporting talents but will also provide a fantastic opportunity: "Discover your Paralympic Potential is the first step for people to find out what their future Paralympic sport could be. If you want to find a competitive pathway and unlock the opportunities that sport offers, then this is a fantastic opportunity. We know that disabled people face barriers every day in life. Sport changed my outlook on how I managed this growing up while competing internationally, giving me confidence and teaching me resilience. This initiative aims to introduce more people to competitive sporting pathways at any age, break down barriers, and enable them to challenge themselves, find out what they could be successful at, and hopefully one day compete at a Paralympic Games," expressed Quilter.

Tony Wallace, GLL Regional Director, stated: "We take great pride in being involved in ParalympicsGB's innovative initiative, focused on discovering the upcoming generation of Paralympic athletes. We’re excited to actively contribute to the nationwide campaign that promotes inclusivity and excellence in sports by opening up the doors of both Lee Valley VeloPark and London Aquatics Centre for their Discover Day."

To register

You can find more information at https://paralympics.org.uk/articles/discover-your-paralympic-potential. Further details will be sent to registered participants.