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The Board of Directors of the UEFA Foundation for Children held its semi-annual meeting last week at the UEFA headquarters. Mr. Aleksander Čeferin chaired the meeting, which decided to allocate funds to 64 projects as part of the foundation's mission to defend the rights of vulnerable children worldwide and thus aspire to a better future.

With a total of 4.5 million euros, the UEFA Foundation for Children will benefit charitable projects. The majority use sports, especially the beautiful game, to address issues such as access to sports, recreation, psychophysical health, education, and integration in situations of significant social problems.

This benefit will spread across five continents and 71 countries well-dispersed around the world. Over half of the projects were allocated outside of Europe, highlighting the solidarity of the organization and its commitment to the social issues affecting children worldwide. A total of 28 projects will be developed in Europe, while 15 of the remaining 34 will be in Asia.

To ensure the targeted use of funds, partnerships have been established with NGOs in each recipient country, aligning with the UEFA Foundation's vision to strengthen children's education and gender equality, inspiring new generations through the power of football."