Berhanu Eyassu Wossen, AFBC President by acclamation

Mr. Berhanu Eyassu Wossen from Ethiopia was elected by acclamation as the new AFBC President, being the only candidate after the other candidates withdrew. In total, 44 countries were represented at the Congress.

IBA President Umar Kremlev welcomed the delegates and called for unity. "We are here today to unite all of Africa, and I am happy to see a close-knit team. To take our business to the next level, we need more events where athletes can have the opportunity to earn money. I see a lot of countries in Africa that need our support and we have been extremely supportive."

"National federations should be more active in applying for financial support. Today I would like you to elect your new President so that one of the candidates can start the huge work ahead for the future of the AFBC continent," president Kremlev claimed.

Newly elected AFBC President Wossen promised more support for the continent: "I promise to find financial support for our continent. Let's think together about our future because we must be united."

Berhanu Eyassu Wossen is the new AFBC President. FACEBOOK.
Berhanu Eyassu Wossen is the new AFBC President. FACEBOOK.

"It is the dawn of a new era of unprecedented success in African boxing and I want to drastically change the face of boxing on our continent,", said last October when he was President of the Ethiopian Boxing Federation.

Africa is an important breeding ground for boxers, with great examples such as Cameroon's Francis Ngannou, the UFC standout who recently pushed the mighty British heavyweight Tyson Fury to his limits. In the historic spotlight of boxing, Ghana's Azumah Nelson is perhaps the greatest African boxer of all time.

In terms of the global medal tally at the Games, the African continent has accumulated a total of 60 medals. South Africa stands out as a major contributor with 19 medals (six gold, four silver and nine bronze medals), followed by Kenya with seven (one gold, one silver, and five bronze), and with six by Nigeria (three silver and three bronze) and Algeria (one gold and five bronze). Uganda has won four medals (three silver and one bronze), as did Ghana and Egypt (with one silver and three bronze each) and Cameroon has got two (one silver and one bronze). Morocco has achieved four bronze medals, Tunisia two, and Niger and Zambia one each.