Jiu-Jitsu returns to Abu Dhabi. ©

The success was total in terms of level, performance, excitement, and organisation. That's why Abu Dhabi is once again the benchmark for grappling, and the competitive headquarters of Jiu-Jitsu will open its doors to this tournament that promises to reinvent itself and exceed expectations.

Two months after the start of the competition, the ADXC2 will have a star-studded line-up to ensure that the elite are present. It has a date, the 19th of January, and will be overseen by AJP, providing the highest level of technical insight. Operational excellence was almost achieved in Abu Dhabi, making the decision to return an easy one. There will be many surprises to improve the results. 

The General Manager of International Vision Sport Management (IVSM), Mr. Tariq Al Bahri, spoke about the importance of having a new event the size of ADXC and what it represents. "The first edition of ADXC was a success that exceeded expectations. For the second edition, hosting the event in Abu Dhabi with even more flair will once again bring the eyes of the world to the United Arab Emirates." 

Abu Dhabi is becoming "an international hub for the sport at the highest level." Al Bahri added that this initiative "makes athletes feel safe to take up the sport, knowing they can make a living from it.