Dupont. ©

Antoine Dupont's presentation will be one of the highlights of the event that is already being prepared to remind that there are only 250 days left until the Olympic torch is lit, an event that will be organized by the FFR and broadcast as it deserves.

It is obvious that Dupont's entry into the French team makes it much more powerful and one of the candidates for top positions if it wasn't already. However, the rugby modality played in the Olympics is Sevens, not the classic XV, so the adaptation of the captain to a different discipline will have to be verified.

Dupont will gradually integrate into the team dynamics, and for that, he will compete wearing the blue jersey in Vancouver and Los Angeles in February and March, respectively. It will be then when his potential in this Olympic discipline can be seen.

Dupont's presence in Olympic rugby Sevens will prevent him from being with his team in the XV, where he is a starter and one of the most important players. The French national team will not be able to count on Dupont in the prestigious Six Nations Tournament 2024.

Dupont has already recovered from the facial injury he suffered in one of the matches in the recently concluded World Cup. Dupont suffered a jaw fracture when his team was winning 96-0 against Namibia, one of the weakest rivals in the championship, a circumstance that brought much criticism to his coach, Fabien Galthie.