Bid opens for 2025 Women's World Para Ice Hockey Championship

World Para Ice Hockey is now looking for a host city for the 2025 Women's World Championship, where up to six teams will compete in a week of round-robin matches, followed by a playoff and medal round. To be eligible to field a national team at the event, a nation must have a total of nine total athletes, including seven skaters and two goalkeepers.

This will be the next step in the development of women's Para Ice Hockey, with the ultimate goal of meeting the eligibility requirements to be included in the Paralympic Winter Games programme.

"We are excited to continue growing the sport as we begin planning for a Women's World Championships," said World Para Hockey Manager Michelle Laflamme.

"We encourage nations that already have women's programmes to explore host city options, and those who are working to create programmes to seek out new athletes and reach out to World Para  Hockey or other nations for development guidance."

There has already been tremendous growth and progress towards this goal with two successful editions of the Para Ice Hockey Women's World Challenge presented by Citi. The most recent edition featured 67 women representing four teams and an all-female officiating crew.

The first Para Ice Hockey Women World Championships, in 2025. PARA ICE HOCKEY
The first Para Ice Hockey Women World Championships, in 2025. PARA ICE HOCKEY

"Para hockey is a mixed gender sport, so it is very difficult for female athletes to compete on the same stage as male athletes. In order to grow, it is very important to have a world championship for women," said Meika Fujiwara, who represented Japan at both editions of the Women's World Challenge.

Other nations with players who have competed at the Women's World Challenge, include the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Japan, Norway, Sweden and Vietnam.

World Para Ice Hockey is aiming for another Women's World Challenge in 2024 before the inaugural Women's World Championship in 2025. Three countries, Canada, Great Britain, and the USA, already have national teams and World Para Ice Hockey is encouraging other nations to field teams in order to have enough for the event.