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The European Para Championships for 2023 (EPC 2023) left an indelible mark on the world of sports for people with disabilities. It had unprecedented reach and impressive digital participation, as well as on social media.

The inaugural edition of this multi-sport event, held last August in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, featured ten different disciplines competing for European titles, this time with unprecedented and successful international coverage. A total of 35 participating broadcast and digital media partners were the architects of this significant achievement.

From a communication perspective, live events were broadcasted, featuring daily summaries, well-crafted documentaries, and narrative pieces, ensuring global coverage of the event. EPC 2023, through its affiliates, was offered in 75 countries across 4 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania). The event also enjoyed worldwide coverage through the Olympic Channel, focusing on the final events, further consolidating its global importance.

The New Platforms and Networks Take Center Stage:

The involvement of TikTok was not insignificant, as it played a crucial role in amplifying the excitement of the championships, providing fans with behind-the-scenes moments, pre-competition insights, highlights, athlete reactions, and more. With the official hub #EPC2023, it presented the latest event content, official broadcasters, teams, and athletes, along with live broadcasts during the Opening Ceremony and a selection of finals, setting a new standard in the world of sports for people with disabilities.

Key highlights of the partnership with TikTok include:

36 million impressions worldwide for live finals of sports for people with disabilities, divided into 28 live moments.

1.1 million live views for live finals of sports for people with disabilities, with goalball standing out as the most successful.

13.9 million impressions for all #EPC2023-related content.

60,000 followers (starting from 0, in just 6 months).

Custom OTT Platform

EPC2023.tv, a custom OTT platform, welcomed 15,000 registered members worldwide captivated by exceptional sports content and associated production. The noteworthy average viewing time reached almost 58 minutes, significantly surpassing digital averages in sports, which typically hover around 40 minutes. This platform recorded a remarkable 180,000 live streams, emphasizing the strong and committed audience it attracted.

Out-of-Home Digital Campaign

Before the tournament, an intriguing DOOH campaign created anticipation. A prominent campaign during the championships, including two live finals broadcasted at Binnenwegplein in the heart of Rotterdam, reached an astonishing 50 million people with 2 million impressions in the week leading up to the event. During the tournament itself, it reached 28 million people with 275,000 impressions.

A Promising Future

The European Para Championships for 2023, attended by over 15,000 sports enthusiasts, showcased incredible athletic abilities for people with disabilities and the power of inclusion, as well as the impact that sports for people with disabilities can have on a global scale. The extensive media coverage, digital participation, and outstanding event ratings have set a new standard for future competitions in sports for people with disabilities.

Looking ahead, the organization is focused on finding the best possible host for the next edition of the multisport event. Currently, five European countries are in the running to host the 2027 Championships.