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This morning, a press conference was held in Singapore following the Annual General Assembly of the Commonwealth Games. The main topic was about who will replace Victoria 2026 following its retirement as the Host Organizer in the past July.

Commonwealth Games officials stated that "extensive work" was being done to find a solution for the 2026 edition after the surprising withdrawal of the Australian state of Victoria as the host in July due to cost increases, according to the former hosts.

The organization's priority is focused on resolving the issue and finding the ideal alternative for the 2026 games, not ruling out the possibility of holding it in 2027 due to timing issues. CGF Chief Executive Katie Sadleir said that extensive work is underway, though she did not rule out the possibility of the event being moved to 2027. "We are aware that deadlines are tight and commit to providing greater clarity in early 2024," she said, adding that the federation has been "working intensively" with the Commonwealth Games in Australia to keep the Games in that country.

She also reported that while negotiations are advanced and "we continue to work with the Commonwealth Games in Australia. They are very, very keen to keep the Games in Australia," discussions have also taken place with three other regions, though she acknowledged that they are in a very preliminary phase. In case of necessity: "We would be flexible. And one of the things we have been discussing is the possibility of moving the Games from 2026 to 2027."

The Commonwealth Games typically attract more than 4,000 athletes from across the Commonwealth, mostly from former territories of the British Empire. The Games are held every four years and were only canceled during World War II. The last edition of the games in 2022 took place in Birmingham and drew more than 5,000 athletes from 72 nations and territories.